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Unit Module

This is a software to computerise all registers, records, collections, subscriptions, funds and other daily administrative tasks of a Unit. The software system comes with a Mobile App for its members to receive information, communication and access All Kerala KVVES directory. The software is integrated with the website which will update trade information and members can update it through the mobile app. The software system also handles daily collections through a QR code system with real-time update to the Units.

Member Module

Every member gets a login Id and password to access their Web and mobile application. The system provides all information from unit along with statements of accounts relating to various types of financial transactions with Unit. members can maintain their business directory through the mobile app. the member section also has a Whatsapp based E-Cart to manage online orders and share daily promotions and offers to their customers.

Implementation of Unit Software

The basic software and mobile app is free for all Units. Each Unit has an Admin Login to Manage their Unit, independent of other Units. The software has many options to complete member registrations quickly. Unit can send registration invitation to their members over Email or Whatsapp. Members can register themselves from the link. Once registration is received, Unit admin can verify and approve member registration

KVVES District Committee

There is a login for every District Committee. With this software District committee can send information and communication to its member units and executives, conduct opinion polls, digitally archive records, process applications online, send information and communication online seperately to each group.

KVVES State Committee

Various Executive Directories as well as All Kerala Business Directory will always remain up-to-date with this software

Generate extra income for Units

Each Unit has banners, classifies and announcement of new business. They can use these banners for generating extra income for their units by placing various types of advertisements, announcements and events.

KVVES Affiliated Associations

The integrated website provides directory information as well as presence for all KVVES Affiliated Associations and Wings.

Official KVVES Website

The KVVES Website remains auto updated with Member registrations improving. A website is an important digital foot print for the Associations which was missing before. Even with minimal entry, since its launch, the website is regularly visited by Trade, Media and Member seeking various types of queries.

Kvves Software and App

Software & Mobile App features

Software Features

Mobile App Features

Member Records


Online Member Registration

Daily Collections

Departed Members


Online Traders


Service providers

Loans & Deposits

Staff Records

Chits & Cumulative Funds

E-Cart Riders

Post Death Welfare Fund


QR based payments and receipts

Live Streaming

Trade Profile update

Opinion Polls

Personal Profile Update

Advertisement banners

State Executive Directory


District Executive Directory

New product launches

Constituency Executive Directory

News Bulletins

Unit Executive Directory

Push Notifications

Member Directory

Built-in SMS, Email, Call, Whatsapp

Affiliate Associations Directory

Asset Records

Youth wing Directory

Inventory Records

Vanitha wing Directory

Recurring Payments Register


Rent Register

E-Cart Riders

Events & Registrations

Business Guidelines

QR Code for Members

QR Code

Unit Executives


Application Processing

Day Book

Unit Meetings

Daily Business Report

Dispute Management



Unit Staff

State Directory

Tax Assistance Desk

District Directory

Live Broadcast

Constituency Directory

New Bulletins

Unit Directory

Obituary Announcements

Affiliated Associations


Youth and Mahila Wing

New Business

Statistics and Reports

Recurring Payments

Subscription Management

Events & Registration

Loans and Deposits

Opinion Poll

Chits & Cumulative Fund


Post Death Welfare Fund

Unit level member Birthdays

Donations and Contributions

Help and Advice

Daily Collection Report

Login to Webportal

Social Work




Hall Booking


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